• Many banks, many rates: what you can do in this situation

    Many banks, many rat...

    When you want buy a savings account or CD, you’ll find many profitable offers and rates offered by banks. When you secure your hard earned money in a bank it is important to know whether the bank you put your money in can give you the best offer compared to other banks. First you need to do a needs analysis for yourself you must be very clear in your mind what you are looking for. How much risk you can take while investing in a certain deposit or a bank. By going to open a...

  • What you will get with private banking

    What you will get wi...

    When you need to use a private bank, you as potential investor should wait nothing less than the ultimate financial competence and personal attention. After all, private clients are often the most lucrative customers who no bank wants to see they go. As a holistic system the private banking directs to be a one-stop shop for financial needs of wealthy people. If the private bank does not normally provide a service, it is obtainable elsewhere, calling contacts confidence. You can get...

  • How to find the best savings account interest rate

    How to find the best...

    As a customer you should know some important things when you are looking for the next savings account with interest rates. The process of finding the best savings account interest rate differs with the economy, they are sometimes pretty decent, sometimes they are less decent. When you want to save a little amount, a bank account is simply the best place to put it. The Federal Deposit Insurance Company insure all these deposits, so if the bank fails, your money will be refunded very...

  • The most suitable bank rates for you

    The most suitable ba...

    Clearly, today, with very low interest rates being offered, finding a bank that will give you the highest possible rate for your savings account and control is very important. Some banks have higher rates than others, to find the top one is important to maximize your return on investment. Today, you can find a few banks that still propose savings accounts, because almost all of them have found new evidence such as certificates of deposit, loan, etc. Read...

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Who do trustees in bankruptcy represent?

Since the credit crisis, we have all been subject to more advertising from trustees in bankruptcy about their services. The ads typically follow the same pattern of emphasizing a pain point (stress caused by the inability to pay off debts) and a solution (hire a trustee in bankruptcy) who offer a value proposition (e.g. ???we are here for you???).

But is this advertising true?

One of the most misunderstood parts of the bankruptcy process is who the trustees in bankruptcy represent. When an individual declares or is assigned into bankruptcy, their assets are put into a legal fiction known as the bankrupt estate.

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Will Nokia Corporation (NOK) Beat Earnings?

Finnish handset giant Nokia , which will report earnings this Thursday, is closely watched by analysts for hints to the future of the smartphone market. Carnegie analysts in Finland currently forecast Nokia to ship 5.9 million smartphones (including 4.9 million flagship Lumia units) in the first quarter. Although demand has been unexpectedly strong for its Lumia 920 handset, which runs on Microsoft Windows Phone 8, Nokia has run into slight delivery problems for pre-orders. These problems are expected to adversely impact its top line.

Daily Chart

Investors should remember that shipments and sell-through are different things. While Nokia (and other smartphone manufacturers) report the number of units shipped to retailers, they dont actually report the amount of units sold by the retailers (sell-through) until one or two quarters later.

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Using Technology To Make Your Business Grow

Internet is todays one and the most used network channel.?? Through Internet you can connect anywhere across the world for any purpose.?? This is all possible due to fast growing technology, the web-based technology.?? Experts in this technology develop web sites for organizations, companies, etc.

This technology is called web designing.?? This technology has made business very simple, ???at the click of mouse.????? The entire portal of a particular organization or a business entity can be found on companys website.?? The websites have a name with an extension like.com, .org, co.in, etc.?? Apart from this, various portals are available that help you to connect various parties with each other.?? For example, a portal called indiamart.com, through which a seller can find buyers for his product and vice versa, a buyer can search for dealer in a particular product.?? A business deal can be done in this way.?? Nowadays there is a trend of online trading.?? You don???t have to go to a stock exchange to buy and sell stocks.

It can all be done through online trading through BSE portal.?? You can send an urgent message to anybody via email within fraction of seconds.?? Any information you want relating to any person, place, product, address, doctor, lawyer, any retail outlet can be obtained within seconds through Google.?? Railway booking can be through internet, just sitting at home, in 2 minutes.???? People can hold live chat with clients and subordinates through various portals like MSN, Yahoo, Net meeting.?? In fact, the technology has progressed so far that you can now even watch your business associates via video conference and conduct conferences and meetings from any part of the world.

You can finalize a deal just while travelling in your car.?? There are many jobs which people can do sitting from their home.?? Transcription (legal, medical, business) is one such occupation through which many people across the world are working from the comfort of home.?? This is called ???online job processing work.

Banking has become easier and simpler through Net banking.?? You can carry out transactions right from your mobile itself.

IMF warns over rock-bottom interest rates

The International Monetary Fund has warned central banks to be alert to potentially damaging side-effects of ultra-low interest rates and “unconventional” measures to boost growth after the deep slump of 2008-09.

While backing the use of exceptional action to prevent the collapse of the financial system, the Washington-based organisation said risks would increase the longer the stimulus was kept in place.

The IMF used a chapter in its latest global financial stability report to note that rock-bottom interest rates and purchases of government bonds might be shifting instability from banks to other parts of the financial system or to other parts of the global economy.

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Links Apr 5

BVI not responsible for leak of sensitive financial information ??? gov???t BVI News
A response to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ)??offshore financial secrecy project. The BVI in full head-in-the-sand denial mode.

France: Cahuzac Swiss bank account scandal threatens Hollande’s presidency BBC See also:
Ex-minister lets Swiss pass bank data to France swissinfo

As Banks in Cyprus Falter, Other Tax Havens Step In New York Times

Cyprus Considers Corporate Tax Break To Retain Business Tax-News

Australia to force multinationals to disclose tax arrangements??The Guardian

Afghans warned: the taxman is coming after you Reuters

UK MPs Criticise Pakistani Tax Avoidance In Aid Row??Tax-News

‘Secrecy-Cloaked Companies’: Deutsche Bank Criticized for Offshore Operations Der Spiegel

Barclays tax avoidance division generated ??1bn a year ??? Salz review The Guardian

Money-Laundering Banks Still Get a Pass From U.S. Read more…

What is the Average Savings Account Interest Rate?

To aid in the stabilization of the economy, the Federal Reserve has severely reduced the Federal Funds interest rate through 2015 to a paltry 0.00-0.25 percent unchanged since 2008. This number directly affects the interest rate you can earn on your savings account, as bank rates tend to follow this benchmark closely.

U.S. Average Savings Account Interest Rate

The interest rate that banks offer is their choice. Historically, online banks have offered their customers a higher interest rate because they have lower overhead costs due to the fact they do not have to pay rent on their local branches. Throughout the entire industry, however, the national average bank interest rate for savings accounts is only .21 percent.

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