• Many banks, many rates: what you can do in this situation

    Many banks, many rat...

    When you want buy a savings account or CD, you’ll find many profitable offers and rates offered by banks. When you secure your hard earned money in a bank it is important to know whether the bank you put your money in can give you the best offer compared to other banks. First you need to do a needs analysis for yourself you must be very clear in your mind what you are looking for. How much risk you can take while investing in a certain deposit or a bank. By going to open a...

  • What you will get with private banking

    What you will get wi...

    When you need to use a private bank, you as potential investor should wait nothing less than the ultimate financial competence and personal attention. After all, private clients are often the most lucrative customers who no bank wants to see they go. As a holistic system the private banking directs to be a one-stop shop for financial needs of wealthy people. If the private bank does not normally provide a service, it is obtainable elsewhere, calling contacts confidence. You can get...

  • How to find the best savings account interest rate

    How to find the best...

    As a customer you should know some important things when you are looking for the next savings account with interest rates. The process of finding the best savings account interest rate differs with the economy, they are sometimes pretty decent, sometimes they are less decent. When you want to save a little amount, a bank account is simply the best place to put it. The Federal Deposit Insurance Company insure all these deposits, so if the bank fails, your money will be refunded very...

  • The most suitable bank rates for you

    The most suitable ba...

    Clearly, today, with very low interest rates being offered, finding a bank that will give you the highest possible rate for your savings account and control is very important. Some banks have higher rates than others, to find the top one is important to maximize your return on investment. Today, you can find a few banks that still propose savings accounts, because almost all of them have found new evidence such as certificates of deposit, loan, etc. Read...

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7 Reasons to Not Buy a Home

When I first graduated, I ended up renting an apartment for a year.

From there, I moved in to my first home (which I have since considered to be a bit of a mistake in how big it was and how we over-financed). I bought it direct from the owner. Then I sold it for sale by owner for a small profit.

From there, I bought my second home right before the housing crash, in 2007, and it may have just recently creeped back to the value of my purchase price.

Overall, Ive enjoyed being a homeowner. I like fixing things. I like the responsibility. I like the pride that comes with improving something. I like the freedom to do what I want with it. I havent made money on home ownership. But I havent lost money either.

That being said, Im not pro-home-ownership for everyone. Not even close.

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Rate Alert ??? 1.01% ??? PNC Bank Money Market/Savings $1000

The Savings account interest rate at PNC Bank has just changed from 1.0% APY to 1.01% APY with a minimum of $10,000 required. See the full details and rate info at PNC Bank Money Market/Savings $1000 rate. Premium Money Market Special Must have an existing checking account. New money required. Rate guaranteed for 3 months. Maximum of $500K. Blended APY 0.34%.

Landlords warned of buy-to-let mortgage rate rises

Rates on buy-to-let mortgages are set to rise in coming months, a study has warned.

Landlords, along with other buyers, have benefited from the Government’s Funding for Lending Scheme in the past year with the cost for a five-year fixed rate for those with a 25pc deposit tumbling from from 6pc to just over 5pc, including fees.

But the report, published by Mortgages for Business, warned that comments from central bankers about improvements in the economy had moved money markets enough to force a rise in the rates offered to landlords.

The report said: “In what may turn out to be the most significant change for many months, the steady drop in rates appears to have halted and five year fixed rates are now around 0.2pc higher than they were at the end of May.”

Fixed rate mortgage pricing is heavily influenced by “swap rate” markets.

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8.5% Yield in Rubles, Federal Grid Co, Baa3/BBB rated, matures Mar. 2019

Each week we screen thousands of corporate bond listings to find what we believe is currently the best corporate bond for investors needing or seeking higher yields with the least amount of risk possible relative to its projected return. ??This week, we look at high yielding 68 month from Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System, the operator and manager of Russia???s unified electricity transmission grid system, including high voltage transmission lines, which gives it the status of a natural monopoly. ??Although this bond is rated Baa3 by Moody???s and BBB by Standard & Poor???s, on a LT National Scale S&P and Moody???s have placed it at ruAAA and AAA.ru, respectively. ??In other words, it appears this bonds credit ratings are constrained by the Baa1/BBB sovereign ratings currently given to the country it operates within.

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Plunging annuity rates mean rough ride for pension savers

Pension savers near retirement are being urged to consider putting the brakes on committing their fund to an annuity purchase to avoid paying over the odds for little income.

The rates on annuities, used to convert pension savings into a regular income at retirement, have plunged over the past four years. While there was a slight uptick this year, on the back of rising government gilt yields, which determine annuity rates, more recently hopes of a sustained increase appear to have been dashed by the Bank of England’s statement that interest rates will stay low.

Ros Altmann, pensions expert and former government policy adviser, believes prospective retirees should hold off buying an annuity if possible. “Particularly if they are only in their 60s, as they are currently very poor value,” she says.

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This and That: Zweig column, Kahneman interview and more???

In an excellent column in The Wall Street Journal Jason Zweig says that though the market constantly changes, sound advice rarely does.

Daniel Kahneman Interview

In an interview with The Motley Fool behavioural economist Daniel Kahneman discusses his field, his book and how his insights could help investors.

Designing an ultimate portfolio

The article is aimed at US investors but this Paul Merrimans article in MarketWatch offers a step-by-step process for designing what he calls an ultimate buy-and-hold strategy.

Is Smart Beta all that smart?

An article in The Economist magazine wonders if the new trend towards smart beta capturing excess returns than the market by deviating from traditional capitalization weighted indexes will suffer the same fate as alpha seekers.

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ActionAid’s Tax Power campaign: going global

“In July ActionAid has increased its efforts in the fight for tax justice by the launch of the Tax Power! Campaign. This effectively enlarges the campaign thatActionaid?? have run in a couple of countries for 5 years to almost 20 more countries. The following ActionAid offices have or will be launching ActionAid???s Tax Power! campaign; ActionAid Bangladesh, Actionaid Ghana, Actionaid Kenya, ActionAid Mozambique, ActionAid Nigeria, Actionaid Uganda, Actionaid Zambia, Actionaid Australia, ActionAid Denmark, Actionaid Netherlands, Actionaid Sweden, ActionAid UK, and Actionaid USA – with more countries starting activities throughout 2013.

With this campaign we are joining people in poor communities to stop corporate tax dodging, end tax breaks and demand tax transparency to make sure that enough public funds are available to finance and invest in gender responsive and progressive public services.

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