• Many banks, many rates: what you can do in this situation

    Many banks, many rat...

    When you want buy a savings account or CD, you’ll find many profitable offers and rates offered by banks. When you secure your hard earned money in a bank it is important to know whether the bank you put your money in can give you the best offer compared to other banks. First you need to do a needs analysis for yourself you must be very clear in your mind what you are looking for. How much risk you can take while investing in a certain deposit or a bank. By going to open a...

  • What you will get with private banking

    What you will get wi...

    When you need to use a private bank, you as potential investor should wait nothing less than the ultimate financial competence and personal attention. After all, private clients are often the most lucrative customers who no bank wants to see they go. As a holistic system the private banking directs to be a one-stop shop for financial needs of wealthy people. If the private bank does not normally provide a service, it is obtainable elsewhere, calling contacts confidence. You can get...

  • How to find the best savings account interest rate

    How to find the best...

    As a customer you should know some important things when you are looking for the next savings account with interest rates. The process of finding the best savings account interest rate differs with the economy, they are sometimes pretty decent, sometimes they are less decent. When you want to save a little amount, a bank account is simply the best place to put it. The Federal Deposit Insurance Company insure all these deposits, so if the bank fails, your money will be refunded very...

  • The most suitable bank rates for you

    The most suitable ba...

    Clearly, today, with very low interest rates being offered, finding a bank that will give you the highest possible rate for your savings account and control is very important. Some banks have higher rates than others, to find the top one is important to maximize your return on investment. Today, you can find a few banks that still propose savings accounts, because almost all of them have found new evidence such as certificates of deposit, loan, etc. Read...

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Increase Your Income With 10% Yields From This Brazilian Utility Company???s High Cash Flow Bonds!

This week we look at investment grade Companhia de Eletricidade do Estado do Bahia (COELBA) bonds denominated in Brazilian Real (R$) and its 11.75% coupon to achieve the difficult task of finding a high quality debt instrument that offers remarkably high cash flow, a near 10% yield and very short maturity, as well as some diversification away from US dollar into the currency of one of the world???s better performing economies. We also believe this bond offers sound diversification away from the financial services sector of the global economy, and look to add it to our high yielding Foreign and Global Fixed Income Investments.

Wealth Preservation and Cash Flow Concerns

Wealth preservation continues to be one of the biggest concerns among our clients.

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PS 4 Lower Price and Game Resales Fuel Jump in GameStop (GME) Stock

Shares of GameStop Corp. closed up +2.73 or +7.80 percent to $37.72 on Tuesday after an announcement from Sony Corporation stating that it would allow unlimited sales on used games for their upcoming PlayStation 4 gaming console. In addition, GameStop announced they would be taking pre-orders for the PS 4, one day after it announced it would take pre-orders for Microsofts new Xbox 360, set to be released in November for $499.

Sony surprised attendees of the E3 videogame conference in Los Angeles yesterday, announcing the price tag on the PlayStation 4 would be $100 less than Microsofts new Xbox 360, which will retail for $499. At the conference, PlayStations head of U.S. Business said that the PlayStation 4 wont impose any restrictions on used games, period. The statement got a large cheer from the audience.

Daily Chart

Grapevine, Texas based GameStop Corporation is a large U.S.

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Mervyn King apparently outvoted for fifth and final time on bid for more QE

Outgoing Bank of England governor Sir Mervyn King was on Thursday denied his parting wish for more stimulus to lift the UK economy at his final meeting of the monetary policy committee. The central bank left interest rates on hold at 0.5% and refrained from implementing a fresh round of quantitative easing (QE).

That means King was probably outvoted for the fifth time running.

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Paying tax on late grandparents’ savings bonds

Dear Tax Talk,
My grandparents are now deceased. They had a number of savings bonds. How is the savings bond interest reported? The original purchase price was approximately $33,000. Interest accumulated to date is approximately $80,000. The six heirs will divide the bonds. Is the interest accumulated from the savings bonds until the date of death used on the last personal tax Form 1040? Or is all the interest received from them placed on the final estate taxes? Thank you.

Dear Marcia,
There are generally two ways to report the interest on U.S. savings bonds: Annually on the owner’s tax return or at maturity. When there is a change of ownership, as in your case, the method of reporting can be changed. These bonds are known as Series E, EE or I bonds. Series HH bonds are taxed as you go because the interest is paid twice a year.

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Links Jun 7

EU commissioner: Offshore Leaks transformed tax politics EU Observer

Secret Files Expose Offshore???s Global Impact ICIJ

Son of Former Korean President Obtained Secret Offshore Company Amid Family???s Tax Evasion Scandal ICIJ

The global shell game trust.org

The UK Gold: watch the trailer for new documentary about tax avoidance – video The Guardian
See also: New film examines tax avoidance from UK to Cayman Cayman News Service

If you had a bank account in the Cayman Islands, why would you pay taxes on it? Read more…

About Liz Pulliam Weston

If you are looking for personal finance advice, chances are that you have read something written by Liz Pulliam Weston. According to Nielson/NetRatings, Weston is the most-read personal finance columnist online and easily the most prolific of the Top Money Gurus.

Not only is she widely read, but she has also won awards for her personal finance writing. Many readers identify with Westons easy-to-understand writing style, and her no-nonsense approach to money.

This profile is part of our Top Money Guru poll. For the next two weeks well be highlighting ten personal finance experts for our first ever Top Money Guru poll you can vote for your favorite guru here. It takes less than a minute and you could win a $100 Amazon Gift Card. Poll ends June 10th.

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