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Discover Bank CD Rates Update

Today at Highest CD Rates Info, we???re going to have another look at how Discover Bank CD rates are doing.

Discover Bank is a major financial institution that deals in consumer finance and savings accounts. Discover Bank???s current cd rates follow the general market situations and regulatory orders and are subject to frequent changes. The bank offers a 3-month fixed term investment with certificate of deposit rates at 0.75% APY. A 6-month CD yields 1.00% in APY. The bank requires a minimum balance of $2,500 for any type and duration of investment. It also allows for a basic investment for a short period of three months and it would yield 0.75% APY.

Discover Bank CD rates for 1-year term are estimated at 1.85% APY. The rates will rise with long term investments with a 2-year certificate yielding 2.25%. Yields for 3-year and 4-year certificates are 2.60% and 2.85%, respectively.

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