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Many banks, many rates: what you can do in this situation

When you want buy a savings account or CD, you’ll find many profitable offers and rates offered by banks. When you secure your hard earned money in a bank it is important to know whether the bank you put your money in can give you the best offer compared to other banks.

First you need to do a needs analysis for yourself you must be very clear in your mind what you are looking for. How much risk you can take while investing in a certain deposit or a bank. By going to open a savings account or investing money in the form of CD try to find the best bank that will offer a good return on your money. Read more…

Countrywide Online Banking

Bank of America acquired Countrywide Financial in 2008 after it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Countrywide online banking is now the banking offer by Bank of America as the company has stopped doing business. Accounts, saving certificates and credit and debit cards are now offered by Bank of America. We here at Online Banks Blog thought we should look at how things are now.

Bank of America online banking encompasses almost every major and minor banking service offered by the company. The bank offers a complete picture of its financial services on its website.

Customers can go through all the informational materials on checking accounts, CD rates, debit cards and interest rates. Company website is divided into three main sections. The first section deals with products and services. Insurance, mortgage, credit cards, IRAs and checking accounts can be opened on this section.

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