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Nationwide launches market leading fixed rate bond

Nationwide has announced it will increase interest rates on several of its fixed rate bond deals including a market leading rate of 4.70 per cent AER for a three year fix.

From today, savers who deposit ??25,000 or more into Nationwide’s three year fixed rate bond or e-Bond can enjoy a return of 4.70 per cent AER, while its two year option will pay up to 4.10 per cent AER.

Meanwhile, for savers who are looking for a more short-term savings solution, Nationwide has reissued its 18-month fixed rate bond and e-Bond, which will pay up to 3.50 per cent AER on balances of ??10,000 or more.

Commenting, Andy Hutchinson, head of savings at Nationwide said: “The increase in interest rates on a number of our Fixed Rate Bonds and e-Bonds is great news for those who have made it their New Year resolution to save more in 2010. <

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CD Rates May Rise If Treasury Bond Demand Falls

The U.S. government is scheduled to sell a total of $118 billion in U.S. Treasury bonds this week in order to finance government spending. If you are looking for CD rates to rise, Treasury bond auctions matter to you.

The first auction took place yesterday, in the form of $44 billion in two year notes. Attendees of the auction noted that demand was ???lackluster.??? Also notable was the fact that the percentage of foreign buyers dropped, but the percentage of American money managers buying was up.

Who buys Treasury bonds and at what prices matters to CD rates because CD rates paid by banks are, generally speaking, closely tied to interest rates paid by the government. Aft

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