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Be Aware and Alert While Opting For a Credit Card

It is easy to take a credit card, but it very difficult to maintain your credit card, as there are terms and conditions to be followed, and failure to follow the regulations may put you in a legal litigation, your credit value will be in doubts and you may be declared as a defaulter.

If a credit card holder for some reason disputes or delays the payments on his card, he is declared as defaulter and his name appears in the list of people with bad credit rating and is not eligible for loans or credit cards from any bank. This information is shared with all the banks, even though different banks have different terms and conditions for its credit card holders.

When you apply for a credit card and sign the relevant forms you must carefully scrutinize the details in fine print and you must check fees and bank charges -to be payable to the issuing bank, and whether the card fees is life time or to be paid annually.

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American Express Gift Card Promotion & Fee Waiver Codes

Many moons ago, you could buy Presidential $1 dollar coins from the Mint using your credit card. This was a great way for card holder to basically get cash back or reward points for free. The only cost to you was that youd have all these dollar coins that youd have to spend or otherwise deposit back into your bank. Banks hated this. I purchased a batch so we could use them at our local bagel shop, farmers market, and other places where you could use credit. After doing this once, I realized how much of a pain it was and so when you couldnt buy the coins anymore, I wasnt that disappointed.

Well, it turns out theres another way to spend without really spending American Express gift cards. The downside to this strategy is that buying the cards comes with a fee.

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MasterCard, Absa launch new payment card with built-in display

Global payments and technology company MasterCard in association with South Africa based Absa bank has introduced Asia/Pacific, Middle East and Africa’s (APMEA) first interactive payment card.

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Burj Bank, MasterCard present Pakistan???s first Islamic debit card

Burj Bank has rolled out a new debit card in collaboration with MasterCard, which is termed to be Pakistan???s First Islamic Debit Card Pakistan.

The new MasterCard debit card is Shari’ah compliant and is ideal for Islamic banking tenets and provides a swarm of rewards, benefits, and acceptance available across the globe.

The card holders will get full access to cash and banking functions at ATMs in over 210 geographies as well as seamless transaction at 33.9 million merchant locations worldwide, said MasterCard.

According to the US card company, consumers can carry out secure online purchasing and over the telephone using their MasterCard debit card.

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Chase to debut reloadable card

Chase, the US consumer and commercial banking business of JPMorgan Chase & Co, will launch a reloadable card called Chase Liquid, which can be refilled with cash or checks at Chase???s 10,500 DepositFriendly ATMs and 5,500 branches across the US.

Initially, the card will be rolled out in 200 branches, and later the bank will provide to all its branches across the US.

Chase Consumer and Business Banking CEO Todd Maclin said that the bank is working hard to deliver great service to all of its customers, and to create a wider range of products that meet many different needs.

“Chase Liquid will be a terrific option for customers who want a prepaid card and also want the security and convenience of Chase.

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3 Gimmicks Credit Card Companies Use to Lure You In ??? Don???t Be Fooled!

Everyday I receive a small treasure trove of new credit card offers in my mailbox. However after sitting down and taking the time to read the fine print, 80 to 90 percent of these offers lose most of their luster.

Many times, the invitation you receive in the mail or the TV ad that you saw will highlight what you could earn in rewards with a credit card. Technically, they are telling the truth, but they are banking on the fact that many people won???t fully cash-in on all available rewards.

You need to be able to identify a few of the gimmicks that issuers use to lure in new cardholders so that you can really maximize your credit card rewards.

1. Enrollment Requirement for Rotating Rewards

Your new credit card may come with 5 percent cash back on gasoline and dining from January through March.

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Credit Card Trick-or-Treat: How to avoid getting spooked

Just as you can choose to dress up as something fun for Halloween, you can pick a credit card that won???t spook you or your credit score. The best thing to do so is to seek out the credit card with the ???treats??? that suit you, and to know how to avoid any ???tricks??? they could bring with them. Check out our credit card recommendations.

Balance transfer cards: For the ghosts of credit-card debt past

Treat: A 0% APR for balance transfers makes this type of card a great choice for people juggling credit card debt across several different credit cards. Why pay interest on multiple balances if you can work on paying off your debt without accruing interest?

The best balance transfer cards are typically available to those with good to excellent credit.

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