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Lowest turkey prices at Tri-State stores

Most Cincinnati-area shoppers will be heading to the grocery store this weekend to buy their Thanksgiving turkey and trimmings.

But where should you shop for the lowest prices?

The good news: all major stores are running sales on turkeys this week.???? And turkeys cost much less now than just a month ago when they were around $6 a pound.?? Now, stores are taking losses on turkeys to get people in the store to shop.

So wepared the deals from Kroger, Meijer and Remke/Biggs to see who has the best deal.?? As for Walmart, I’ll explain in a second.

Best Frozen Turkey Prices

??- Kroger has Riverside Turkeys on sale for 79 cents a pound, with Honeysuckle White at 99 cents and Butterball at $1.19 a pound.

- Remke/Biggs also has Honeysuckle White for 99 cents a pound, or $1.19 for Butterball.

- Meijer has the lowest price of all,?? depending on how much you spend.

At Meijer, Spend $40 on groceries, and get a 17-pound frozen turkey for just 29 cents a pound.

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US consumer inflation gains most in 15 months as food and petrol prices increase

The US Labor Department said that consumer prices climbed a higher-than-expected 2.7pc in March from a year before.

Almost three quarters of the rise was due to surging food and petrol prices, with petrol costs climbing 5.6pc, the ninth straight month of increases. Food rose 0.8pc in March, the largest gain since July 2008.

A survey of 41 economists by Bloomberg had on average expected annual inflation to hit 2.6pc.

David Wyss, the New York-based chief economist at Standard & Poors, said the inflation was largely as expected, adding: “The Fed is not going to see inflation as a threat so they have the freedom to keep interest rates low longer. But core inflation is creeping up from its lows six months ago, so the Fed is going to end its extraordinary measures. There will be no QE3 [a third round of quantitative easing].”

The consumer price index???s monthly rise was 0.5pc, in line with economists??? expectations, the ninth consecutive increase.

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