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1.01% APY High yield savings account with iGobanking.com

iGobanking.com offers attractive interest rates for their high yield savings account called iGo Savings. This money in the bank deal lets you earn an interest rate of 1.01% APY. The bank does not require a minimum balance to open an account. Simply visit the bank’s website and follow the easy steps to complete your savings [...]

1.31% APY High interest savings account with Unity Bank

Unity Bank North is pushing for their best interest rate savings account called Money Beez Savings Account. The bank lets you earn an interest rate of 1.31% APY with a very small minimum deposit of $20 to open an account. This money in the bank deal is open to children age 12 and under. Kids [...]

1.01% APY High yield savings account with Sutton Bank

Sutton Bank offers their high interest savings account called Rewards Savings which earns you an interest rate of 1.01% APY. You should be an existing Reward Checking account holder to be able to open a Reward Savings account. You also need to meet the requirements of your reward checking account to be able to earn [...]

ING DIRECT Kids Savings Account

ING DIRECT has introduced a new product called the Kids Savings Account. The Kids Savings Account is a kid-friendly bank account that teaches kids how to save their money the safe and responsible way. And like the Orange Savings Account, there are no fees, no minimums and the money is FDIC-insured. Currently it pays a [...]

1.30% APY high interest savings account with EBSB Direct; money in the bank for New York and New England consumers

EBSB Direct invites consumers to take advantage of their best savings account which offers the following best interest rates: $50,000 to $1 million 1.30% APY $5,000 to $50,000 0.75% APY under $5,000 no interest We made a review of this hgih yield savigns account in the past when it has a higher interest rate and [...]

1.28% APY best interest rate for savings account with Golden Bank in Texas

Golden Bank is pushing for their high interest savings account called Ultimate Savings which has a current interest rate of 1.28% APY. This high yield savings account can be opened with an initial deposit of $500 which is also the minimum to obtain the published savings iinterest rates. Their regular savings account also has a [...]

2.00% APY FreeMoney Savings Account from Dollar Bank, Pittsburgh

If you’re in Pittsburg, PA, you can take advantage of Alliant Credit Union Dollar Bank’s FreeMoney Savings Account. This savings account accompanies the same banks checking account, and is a high yield savings account which has only a minimum $50 deposit to open. Its 2.00% APY is certainly one of the most competitive interest rates [...]

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